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DaTerminal, an innovative platform, automated to read millions of business news to extract high-impact business events for thousands of companies that include companies from the S&P 1200, Forbes 2000 list. “Legal Issues”, “Broker Calls”, “Product Launches” & many more such events in the real-time or from the past. DaTerminal also has one of kind “Semantic News Search” & Real-Time News form 80+ industry segments from 7 countries.More…


Dabizmo has developed proprietary technology known as “Event Detection Technology”; 100’s Natural Language Processing algorithms sitting on top of Open-Source software. Open Sources keep your cost under control, and our proprietary algorithms solve the custom problems. We have one of a kind technology that can be applied on “Semantic Search” to “Information Extraction”. More..


Dabizmo Consulting

Every problem is unique in one case or another, and NLP problems are no exception. NLP’s uniqueness comes in its approach, and the skills required for problem solving. Our experience shows that the fate of an NLP project is sealed at the conception itself. High expectations from vendor tools or open sources in the absence of in-house expertise often lead the initiatives drifting away from the initial goal and finally put on the back burner. More..


Dabizmo DNA

“Semantic technologies are the logical steps towards computer evolution, or human evolution. There are many competing paths; the one you choose, will decide the future of your business.”

—- Meet Dabizmo’s Team , Advisors