NLP Consulting

“You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.”

—- Warren Buffett, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

Dabizmo has in-depth expertise in the areas Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Extraction, Machine Learning and Information Retrieval. Dabizmo offers strategic consulting and technical implementations. At Dabizmo, we develop applications in partnership with technology providers and end users.

Why do you need Consulting?

Our experience shows that fate of NLP project is sealed at the conception itself. High expectations from vendor tools or open sources in the absence of in-house expertise often lead the initiatives towards failure.

Dabizmo helps you in following the right direction. We fill in the gap of in-house expert and interact with your stakeholders and domain experts. More often, problem definition is the hardest part. We can assist in defining the problem, its scope and the solution.

What value do we offer?

Dabizmo steps in right at the beginning of your project and makes sure that expectations are set right. We balance Innovation vs Inventions on the scales of expectation. We make you better than competition with you the feet grounded on the platform of “Technological Possibilities”.

Dabizmo’s team has worked with more than 20 NLP projects & products in the past. Our extensive experience in working with various domains help our customer in getting to their objectives, swiftly. One day of talk with Dabizmo can save you months of hassle.

How can Dabizmo help?

Dabizmo comes handy at every stage of NLP solution cycle. We have helped customer to define their “Semantic Solutions” to hire right resources in the “Job Interviews”. Here are few more interesting associations:

  • Product Consulting : Choosing vendors/open-sources for specific solutions.
  • Problem Scoping : Quick scoping of the NLP problems and prototyping.
  • Solution Architecture : Define the Solution Architecture of the whole product.
  • Resource Training : Train in house resources for NLP and related techniques.
  • Competitive Intelligence : Study competing products and propose improvements using NLP.
  • Project Management : Help project planning involving NLP; ensuring deadlines are set right.
  • NLP Candidates/Screening : Hire NLP resources to work on products and doing interviews on behalf of companies